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Mould / Mold Remediation

Mould Removal

Moulds and fungi can be a health hazard, causing a variety of problems including nose, throat, eye irritations, cold and allergies, even hypersensitivity pneumonitis so TEAM Asbestos is focused to mould removal vancouver. Almost everyone can be affected but some people are particularly susceptible, asthmatics, individuals with compromised immune systems (for example – chemotherapy patients, infants and people diagnosed with AIDS), along with workers in industries such as farming, asbestos abatement and demolition.

As mould grows they produce chemicals. Some of the chemicals are beneficial (for example – antibiotics), others can have a negative impact on human health (mycotoxins), a concern during ingestion and inhalation.

Mould can grow due to flooding, leaky roofs, sewer back-ups or plumbing problems. If dampness has been discovered and unaddressed for long periods of time mould will occur. Remediation requires specialized equipment, proper protection, and air sampling by qualified consultants.

TEAM Asbestos is focused to mould removal vancouver, and control the air movement, and properly dispose of the waste materials and cleaning the affected area thoroughly.