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Grow-OP Cleanup

Grow-OP Cleanup

Grow op cleanupThis illegal operation is a relatively new market for contracting companies as the business of growing marijuana indoors has exploded in the last few years. Any contracting company can go in and restore these homes, but TEAM Asbestos contractors are fully trained and qualified for mould abatement, and Asbestos Removal Abbostsford BC under the guidelines set by the Canadian Construction Association and Work Safe B.C. A lot of houses are not cleaned as well as they should be, adding mould that has just been painted over will come back.

High humidity levels needed to grow marijuana cause mould to grow, and, depending on the size of the operation, mould can spread throughout an entire house. This process is intensified when it’s carried out in energy-efficient R2000 homes.

Clean ups involve a thorough manual hand washing of all surfaces, disinfecting, and Asbestos Removal Abbostsford BC materials.

Airborne particulates must also be knocked down using negative pressure int he affected areas. To do this, TEAM Asbestos uses high efficiency particulate air filters (HEPA). These filters clean the particulates from the air before releasing the air back in to the atmosphere.

Because continued exposure to mould can result in heal problems, TEAM Asbestos’s staff are required to wear personal protection equipment.

In severe cases, workers wear disposable hooded high-fibre suites, heavy rubber gloves and HEPA breathing equipment. Necessary steps must be taken to have the building decontaminated and TEAM Asbestos takes these steps to complete the task.